Tuned Stairs


Tuned Stairs is the introductory installation for the Fabrica exhibition at Center Pompidou on 6 October - 13 November 2006. As visitors walk down the stairs leading to the exhibition, their footsteps activate a musical sound. The installation refocuses the attention of the visitor onto their footfalls - allowing them the opportunity to compose their timing, movement, and the resulting melody.
This project is a collaboration with Hansi, Federico, Carlo and Andy


On each of the stairs is a matt-switch which activates the instrument-playing mechanism attached on the outside of the banister. The armature is made of steel with a pull-thust solenoid attached to it. Above the solenoid is a tuned resonating bar facing down. As the matt-switch is activated, the solenoid order viagra momentarily strikes the resonating bar - resulting in a soft delicate sound resonating through the local area. The matt-switch's signal gets fed into an arduino board which then activates the solenoid mechanism through a transistor circuit. Each arduino has its own conduit board built to easily connect the switches to their corresponding solenoid mechanisms.

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Tuned Stairs in Center Pompidou.

As people step on the red section of each stair, a solenoid hammer hits the resonating bar attached to the banister next to it

Public Opening

Lower portion of the stairs (15 stairs, 3 sets of tones, 3 arduino controllers)

Upper portion of the stairs (14 stairs, 3 sets of tones, 3 arduino controllers)

One set of instruments attached to the banister, with their corresponding controller

An Arduino with a hand soldered breakout board mounted above it

A resonating bar with the solenoid hammer mechanism

The back of the instrument chassis


click movie below to play

click movie below to play

Other movies - shot from a Celphone:


First Prototype testing a hammer mechanism with a pull-type solenoid

First Prototype using multicolored cowbell and solenoid to hammer mechanism

Third Prototype using a black cowbell and our prefered armature/solenoid combination

Third Prototype using a the resonating bars we found to offer the most magical quality of sound.

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